We are the NH Shellfish Farmers Initiative. In addition to mucking about in the shallows, we strive to raise awareness of New Hampshire-grown shellfish, an environmentally sustainable industry.

Check out our restoration projects with The Nature Conservancy SOAR & NRCS.

Read about our mission and contact us if you want to join this adventure.

We hope you enjoyed our Second Annual
Oyster Week NH 2022, September 18 – 24

If you missed it, plan to join the festivities in 2023. Most likely around the same time in September. Check back towards the end of Summer 2023 for the Third Annual Oyster Week NH schedule.

NH Oyster Farms

Oyster farms in the Great Bay, Little Bay, and Bellamy
Oyster farm in Hampton – Atlantic Ocean

Coming eventually, roll-overs to identify all our farms