Bayside Oysters

With the limited coastline of the small granite state, where farming oysters has only been around for a decade, Bayside Oysters has taken advantage of the untouched resource that these waters offer.


A Deerfield native, Jonathan Bunker has decided to bring a little salty flavor from the New Hampshire coastline back to western Mass. His farm, Bayside Oysters, is located in Great Bay, close to Portsmouth, NH. 

The cold, nutrient-rich waters of Great Bay provide our oysters with a bountiful food source. Great Bay also has some of the strongest tidal currents on the east coast. These fast flowing currents create a constant tumbling effect, requiring a strong, rugged shell to survive. The combination of plentiful food and rugged conditions produces a plump meaty oyster filled with the perfect combination of a sweet and briny finish.


Phone: (413) 834-3148