Fox Point Oysters

Fox Point Oysters is a small, owner-operated oyster farm located in Little Bay, NH, dedicated to raising healthy, delicious oysters perfect for serving on the half shell or including in your favorite recipe.


Little Bay is an ideal place to grow oysters as the crisp, Atlantic tides meet fresh water from five major rivers feeding the bay to provide food and flavor to the oysters. Each is hand-selected for size and quality and harvested fresh for sale or delivery. Each offers a briny kick with a hint of fruit and a clean finish. Oysters can be purchased directly or found at wholesale and retail locations when available.

Visit the website for direct sale information, to learn more about tours and upcoming events, to purchase merchandise, or to contact Laura for more information.


Phone: (217) 714-1195

Farm Address: Scammell Bridge, Cedar Point, Durham, NH. 03824