New England Superior Oysters

The only oyster farm in the mouth of the Bellamy River. We provide our local community as well as national and global aficionados with oysters that offer a buttery, sweet flavor.


The farm property, Back River Farm, is surrounded by the Bellamy River, Royall’s Cove, and Frenchman Creek. Originally 150+ acres, 19 acres were donated to the Audubon Society in the 1980s to form the Bellamy River Wildlife Sanctuary. Over time remaining 70 acres were donated to the South East Land Trust for agricultural and aquacultural use. In the Huggins’ family for three generations, this area is surrounded by one of the largest stretches of conservation land in all of Great Bay.


Phone: 1-708-OYSTERS (708-697-8377)

Farm Address: 99 Bayview Road, Dover, NH 03820