Rising Tide Oysters

Josh and Jess Carloni own and operate two farm locations in Little Bay.  One is at the mouth of the nutrient-rich Bellamy River and the other is tucked in a cove just north of beautiful Goat Island.

Website: RisingTideOysters.com

With a lot of care, Rising Tide produces beautiful deep cupped oysters with a complex flavor profile and a crisp finish. They employ two techniques for their growing operation.  About half of their oysters are grown in cages which produce oysters that are brine-forward and finish sweet. They also bottom plant oysters on the sandy bottom which produce thick-shelled, deep cupped oysters with a sweet brine finish and notes of seaweed. 

Please visit our website or contact us directly via e-mail or text for more information!

Email: risingtideoysters@gmail.com

Phone: (603) 970-1924

Farm Address: Great Bay, New Hampshire