Wagon Hill Oysters

Granite State Shellfish, producers of Wagon Hill Petite, Select and Jumbo Oysters, and petite Little Grizzly Oysters, operates two production sites that cover 6 acres at the confluence of the Oyster River and Little Bay in Durham, New Hampshire.

Our farm, in business for 12 years is named after our upland adjacent neighbor, Wagon Hill Farm, which is now owned by the town of Durham and serves as a major recreation area. Our logo depicts the wooden wheel of the historic wooden wagon which sits at the peak of a hill visible from the adjacent roadway and is a well-known landmark.

Wagon Hill oysters are also becoming well-known in the seacoast region because of their quality and distinctive taste. We encourage you to look for them on the menu of your favorite restaurant and let us know what you think.

Website: WagonHillOysters.com

Email: info@wagonhilloysters.com

Phone: (603) 498-1715

Farm Address: Little Bay, Durham, NH